Internships in USA for International Students

Discover opportunities for international students to gain valuable work experience through internships in the United States. Find out how to apply, what to expect, and how to make the most of your time in the US.

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Internships in USA for International Students
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Apr 17, 2023 04:44 AM
Studying in the US is a wonderful learning experience. The country has an international reputation for quality education and is home to a large number of top universities in the world. Studying in the US also gives you the flexibility to work while being a student and allows you to develop your skills out-of-classroom as well. Universities in the US often have strong tie-ups with industries and you have limitless opportunities when it comes to research, training and developing a career path. Finding internships in USA is hence relatively easier for international students as compared to other countries.
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Why should you take up an Internship as an International Student ?

  • Consider internships as learning experiences in the professional workspace. As an international student, doing an internship will give you a clear idea of workplace etiquettes.
  • Internships will be a part of the work experience you gain in the country, thereby assisting you in finding full-time employment opportunities.
  • You will also gain first-hand knowledge of the systems, processes and technologies that are being used by organizations in the current scenario; these may be different from what you learn at your university.
  • Finding a paid internship will help fund your studies and living expenses to a certain extent. When you are an international student, you should not let go of any chance to build professional networks and integrate into the new society, internships in USA will help you do just that.
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Why you should do Internships in USA ?

  • You will be learning to effectively communicate in intercultural environment and develop your soft-skills.
  • Internship stipend for paid internships can make a significant contribution to your living expenses.
  • You will improve your skill-set to meet the current industry standards and bridge the gap between theoretical university learning and practical application.
  • Possibility of placements at the end of the internship is real in many organisations that are constantly on the look-out for talented young professionals.
  • You will develop a deep understanding of the American business culture and gain exposure to professional work environment.

How to apply for Internships in USA ?

  • Résumé - The application process for an internship begins with creating an impressive résumé. Your résumé must contain all the educational and professional milestones of your life with special emphasis on the skills you have acquired and your achievements. All of these events have to be listed in a chronological order with the newest experiences at the beginning of your résumé. Ideally, a résumé should not be more than 2 pages. Keep it brief and use positive language. Get feedback whenever possible and tweak your résumé until its perfect.
  • Do not hesitate to contact your professors, seniors at the university. Use the power of professional networks to find internships in USA that are of your choice. Ask for referrals. Apply on online platforms or company websites and once you are done with the internship interview, you should send follow up mails or thank-you mails. Not all applicants send follow-up mails, so responding will help you stand out among the other competitors.
  • Whether you find an internship at a start-up or a big international company, you should take full advantage of the learning opportunity presented to you. Develop good professional relationships with all your colleagues and co-workers. Demonstrate your abilities but also observe and enhance your skills. Most importantly, enjoy your entire internship experience and focus on your personal and career growth.
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How to find the right Internship for you ?

  • To begin with, have a clear idea of what type of internship you want. You should have your internship goal set in place even before you start looking for an internship. Write down your expectations and learning objectives.
  • Keep a list of around eight companies that you are interested to work in, follow them on social media platforms and check their career page regularly for opportunities that you can apply for.
  • Browse through the web to find the options available for internships. Visit this link to find internships in USA.
  • If you are interested in a particular organisation, research on the work culture and available job positions. Study the history of the company and about the management.
  • Stay active on professional networking sites like Linkedin and try to contact people who are currently employed at the organisation or interning there. People are generally enthusiastic about sharing their success stories of being hired.
  • Learn about the various tools and software that the organisation uses and learn to use them so you can add it to your profile as you apply for the internship. Build a portfolio of your best woks and projects that you are proud of.
  • Customize your application documents depending on the organisation and profile that you are applying to. The company may have certain special features that have impressed you, mention them in your cover letter and make changes accordingly.
  • Involve in projects at your university and engage in personal projects that are relevant to the internship that you wish to apply to. This will render you an upper hand over the other applicants.
  • Work on your self-confidence and communication skills. Internships are open to beginners, so your soft skills and attitude towards work plays a major role in the success of your internship application.
  • As a university student, you have several opportunities. Make use of them. Attend conferences and seminars in your field of work and develop in-person networks with people in the industry. In most cases, you can simply contact them and request for reference when you need an internship.
  • Try your best to maintain good grades. Even if you are not the class topper, keep an average or above average GPA through all your tests and semesters. Maintain good rapport with your university professors who may recommend you for jobs or internships.
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